Group Introduction

Dongguan Dongtang Group Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of Dongtang Group, is a private enterprise transformed from Dongguan Sugar Refinery which was state-owned and established in 1935. Now it owns 45 subsidiary companies by wholly owned、holding and joint stock. And the total asset is more than RMB 10 billion Yuan.

Dongtang Group is a huge group of multi-industry、multi-region、and diversified even professional, which is engaged in four main industries including

sugar refinery、paper manufacturer、bioengineering and power-generating covering Dongguan、Zhongshan in Guangdong province,Nanning、Laibin、Baishe、Chongzuo、Guilin in Guangxi province,Datong in Shangxi province and Shiping、Jianshui、Guangnan in Yunnan province etc. Through the rapid development in these years, Dongtang Group has become the top 2 of all sugar-industrial companies in the whole country when its scale and comprehensive power are enlarged stronger and stronger. And Dongtang Group is awarded as One of The Top 100 Private Enterprises In Guangdong Province、 The Top Industrial Enterprises In Dongguan City、The First Rank Of Top 50 Private Enterprises In Dongguan City lasting for 6 years、“The Enterprises Of Observing Contract & Valuing Credit” In The Whole Country、“The Enterprises Of Observing contract & Valuing Credit” In Guangdong Province And Dongguan City respectively for 22 years、and “The Dongguan Time-Honored Brand” recently.

Sugar industry is the most important in Dontang Group, whose industrial structure includes manufacturer of cane sugar and beet sugar、refining of raw sugar、reprocessing for other sugar product and sugar business. Now Dongtang Group is one of the largest sugar-industrial groups in our country owning 16 plants in Guangdong、Guangxi、Yunan and Shangxi with the capacity more than 1 million tons being of the most comprehensive product structure in the whole country such as white cane sugar、brown sugar、golden slab sugar、fine sugar、white soft sugar、monocrystal rock sugar、multicrystal rock sugar and fructo-oligosaccharide etc. And Dongguan Sugar Refinery Co., Ltd., the only refinery of raw cane sugar in Dongtang Group, is one of the largest refinery bases of raw cane sugar in Asia with the capacity of almost 1 million tons.

Paper manufacturer is one of the important industries in Dongtang Group. With the development for 40 years, it has cultivated a technical and management team being full of experience, and established completed marketing network. Until now, it enjoys the strong competitive advantage in the paper industry, and its capacity of paper pulp made from bagasse reaches 350 thousand tons.

The bioengineering industry of Dongtang Group has been developing in firm footsteps. Our product of yeast and yeast extract has filled in the blank of the supply in the domestic market. The joint-venture between its subsidiaries of Guangdong Danbaoli Yeast Co., Ltd and Guangdong Yipinxian Biochemical Science & Technology Co., Ltd and Lesaffre Group of France has been established in Laibin, Guangxi is one of the biggest manufacturers of yeast and yeast exact in our country, with the capacity of 30 thousand tons of yeast and 15 thousand tons of yeast extract.

Dongtang Group even owns some biologic-fertilize manufacturers in Guangxi province. And the output is more than 100 thousand tons per year which is made from the filtered mud from the sugar refinery、the waste water from the processing of yeast and the waste from paper manufacturing etc.

Dongtang Group is equipped with the power-generating set more than 400,000 KW. In addition to satisfy its self-demand for the power and steam in manufacturing, it also provides commercial electricity and industrial heat energy (steam) for social power grid.

Dongtang Group always focus on the construction of science、quality and brand promotion, has established unique R&D center for sugar engineering technology in Guangdong province which is based on a great technical team of strong technique、adequate experience and excellent researching, and is titled as “Technical Center Of Enterprise In Dongguan ”by Dongguan government. All foodstuff manufacturers in Dongtang Group being of completed quality-controlling system have passed the recognition of series of ISO9000. The leading products, “Bailian” 、“QT” brand white cane sugar . “Bailian” brand was also awarded as “Guangdong Famous Trademark”.


During the period when Dongtang Group has been developing stronger and stronger, it’s summarized step by step that both the enterprise spirit of united, dedicated, trustworthy and innovative ,and the managing principle of honest and “Two-win” are of the essence of Dongtang Group, and also it will stick to perform innovation and improve the managing level with the management objective to be strict、sophisticated、scientific and efficient. Dongtang Group will take well advantage of fine energy、fund、traffic、talent、technology and marketing, and now it enjoys an economy-recycling industrial chain in sugar refinery which is the most extensive and added-valuable in our country. Looking straight to the future, Dongtang Group will be a resources-saving and environment-harmonious enterprise with the strategic objective to be one of largest national sugar suppliers standing in the global horizon.

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