Enterprise Culture
Spirit of enterprise: Unites the professional good
faith innovation
Management idea: The good faith altogether wins
Management pattern: Person + system + computer
+ contract
Management goal: Strict, fine, is scientific, is highly
Management principle: The trust + surveillance
drives + the restraint
Three big discipline: Makes a clear demarcation between public and private interests, the unity cooperation, promptly accurate
Eight Points for Attention: The familiar post responsibility, is clear about the job objective, follows the operation flow, the strict observance operating time, the attention team cooperation, defends the enterprise image, the conservative business secret, studies enterprising unceasingly.
→  About “the unity, professional, the good faith, the innovation” and “the good faith altogether wins”
The unity is 1+1 is bigger than 2, to realize the common goal mutual cooperation, the cooperation mutual confidence, is the benefit and the goal consistent close union.

The unity is shares hardships, shares weal and woe, enterprise's destiny with own destiny close relates in together, each staffs sincerely record themselves are an enterprise's individual contribution, is willing for the common benefit goal struggle, regardless of encounters any situation, places the common interest and the honor first, maintains her wholeheartedly, does not let her receive any injury.

The unity is one kind supplementary, the team spirit and the cohesive force.

The unity is one kind of harmony, advocated that one kind of containing, tolerant, the academic society and the human is together, understood that respects others to praise others, to others study. Must learn “responsibility oneself also seriously strictly to request itself by the week”, achieves does not idle, “treats people also light Israel and Jordan” to achieve treats people are tolerant, is amiable, “thick Germany carries the thing” from all staff to the high-level superintendent, is everybody's personally setting an example, as dear as if one of the family, crosses a river in a boat together, cooperates mutually.

The unity is the wisdom, the strength, the success, joyful.

Deeply loves own operating post professional, the respect, venerates own occupation, is the enterprise to the staff most basic quality request. The occupation is one survival method, must form the positive health the professional spirit, in its, seeks its matter, by one kind of respect, the reverent mind even has one kind of awe manner treatment occupation, completes the labor of duty.

The professional dedication is the work which and conscientious, strives for perfection relates, is together the initiative to the work diligent, to the company professional, to the self-confident professional sense of responsibility, diligent, professional, loyal, self-confident achievement life motto.

Regarding the enterprise, can bring the benefit, the enhancement cohesive force professional, professional can bring the security sense regarding the staff.

Professional is not only for others hiring out for working, is for own work, must therefore regard professional one custom, the professional dedication should display to accept the duty, to complete by any means possible positively, does not find any excuse, fulfills the report promptly.

The good faith honest code of honor, the regard keeps one's word really. “the good faith”, is personhood's most basic request, is the market economy highest philosophy.

The good faith is also one kind has the awe, is not rash; Proxy company each service, the loyal shareholder, the loyal enterprise, is the representative who is worth trusting .

The good faith is east the sugar spirit of enterprise core, is the unity professional premise.

East the sugar insisted the honest code of honor, is as good as one's word values: First, abides by the contract, a promise that can be counted on. Second, on own initiative insisted that in the information asymmetrical situation leads to the staff, the agent to trustee's good faith. Third, considers opposite party benefit the good faith: Cooperates with the human, must consider that the cooperation side the benefit, rather undertakes the risk, must let the partner, let the society enjoy to and east the sugar cooperation security sense.

The innovation thing is changes the development, human's life thought that the work and the life is the process which innovates unceasingly, the innovation follows each life, the innovation is also following the enterprise. The time develops fast, the knowledge renews quickly, does not insist to study, does not innovate is falls behind, therefore cannot be conservative, must be unceasingly enterprising “strives constantly for self-improvement”.

The innovation must face actual, take the scientific theory as the instruction, take the scientific thought as the weapon, whether to innovate the innovation not to be mystical, our each people may innovate, if, the predecessor has not done, oneself made it; Or the predecessor had already done, but you made well it; Either has been others or does well and so on. Must use the actual result to examine.

The innovation must face actual, take the scientific theory as the instruction, take the scientific thought as the weapon, whether to innovate must use the actual result to examine.

Unity, professional, good faith, innovation, is east the sugar enterprise culture core, is the enterprise long-term production operation success practice, has the alone inside story, the cultural charm and the rich connotation, is east the candy figure spiritual wealth.

The good faith altogether wins insists the honest code of honor, benefits other people as well as: Abides by the pledge to abide by the contract, on own initiative to insist that in the information asymmetrical situation the honest code of honor, considers opposite party benefit on own initiative; Mind which altogether wins by the good faith, seeks cooperation all quarters the benefit spot, insisted that everybody for me, I is an everybody; Does matter which benefits other people as well as, this is can achieve, is also should do this, seeks the permanent far benefit positively; Harms others to benefit oneself in no way, through the cooperation, the exchange, lets all quarters obtain the benefit, realizes altogether wins, this is the criterion which we move.

“the good faith altogether wins” is east the sugar magic weapon, east the sugar depending on this magic weapon, makes satisfaction progress with all collaborators, obtains the group considerable development.
→ Dong Tang Outlook for honor and dishonor
Take unites the cooperation as the honor, take undermines lax as the shame; Take loves the hillock professional as the honor, take does a perfunctory job as the shame; Take the honest code of honor as the honor, take forgets honor at the sight of profits as the shame; Take is diligent the innovation as the honor, take does not think enterprising as the shame .
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